We are known for developing personal relationships and our responsiveness. Strategy drives our approach to reducing costs and business solutions.

Pre and Post-Renewal Strategic Planning

We believe in a consistent approach to maintaining, adjusting, and bettering your overall insurance program.

We design an action plan to effectively review your operations, your current coverages, and the design of your risk management program.

More specifically we look to meet with you within the first 90 days of your new policy period and 120 days before the expiration of your policy.

This gives us adequate time to review the insurance program we have built, reevaluate your program and operations, and complete negotiations with our insurance carriers.


Claims Assistance, Resolution, and Case Management

We understand that from time to time losses do occur. Your Bryson team works directly with you and your team if and when these losses do occur.  We correspond regularly with the carrier adjusters and attorneys, working on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome.

At Bryson, we focus our services on:

  • Claims advocacy
  • Claims review
  • Oversight of the claim handling process through closure

Ongoing Customer Service & Accountability

Certificates of Insurance are a common need of all of our clients. At Bryson, you have a dedicated customer service representative who is there to assist you with your daily certificate needs. Certificates of insurance and proper endorsements are issued within 24 hours of receipt. Certificates lists are updated annually and issued at renewal.

Our 120-day reviews are our way of making sure that your business insurance needs are being handled promptly and properly. Every one of our clients receives a 90-day notice from our staff with a coverage summary, current certificate list, and miscellaneous insurance carrier requests. We then meet with you to discuss the current year, changes in your operations, rates and marketplace, and coverage options. We want to make sure we have adequate time to handle your renewal and changing needs as well as giving you proper time to make decisions based on our recommendations.


Communication & Accessibility

At Bryson, we believe in forming true partnerships with our clients, seeing ourselves as an extension of their management team, having a deep understanding of their overall business goals, and providing guidance and personalized assistance. From solving a prescription plan issue on a Sunday to consultation with our executive team, we remain committed to being accessible and responsive.

Our knowledgeable staff assists our clients’ teams in both simple and complex claims issues, becoming their advocate and their voice. Employees are given the account manager’s direct contact information and encouraged to reach out with any questions or issues that may arise. We at Bryson pride ourselves on the fact that participants do not have to call an 800 number for assistance.


We distinguish ourselves with ongoing, hands-on education and support, which we provide to all employees daily as needed in between our education and open enrollment meetings to help educate, guide, and motivate them to take full advantage of the benefits they are offered.

We develop a customized communication and education program tailored to the unique needs and knowledge level of each participant by using a variety of communication mediums such as group onsite meetings, individual on-site meetings, webinars, print campaigns, and internet-based campaigns, all with bilingual capabilities.

Bryson provides these educational tools and resources to help participants make knowledgeable decisions. By informing employees of the valuable benefits they are offered, we strive to increase participation along with employee satisfaction, ultimately helping to attract and retain top talent.

At Bryson, we pride ourselves on forming true partnerships and understanding their overall business goals. We see ourselves as an extension of our client’s management team, providing guidance and personalized assistance. From solving a prescription plan issue on a Sunday to consultation with our executive team, we remain committed to being accessible and responsive.


We are known for our ability to analyze client objectives and provide strategic solutions that help clients save money and effectively manage risk.


We understand that in our industry, acquisitions often lead to a decrease in focus on client services and an increase in focus on numbers aka: sales. We at Bryson do not play into this model, but rather maintain the highest standards of service for our clients.