Personal Touch, Accountability, Resolution, Intellectual Capital and Delivering Value are the 5 Pillars of Our Commitment to Service Excellence.

The Bryson approach to servicing an account, exceeding customer expectations, and yielding a high-quality product and superior customer satisfaction is perfectly described by the 5 pillars of our WOW philosophy – Personal Touch, Accountability, Resolution, Intellectual Capital, and Delivering Value.

Personal Touch

We believe in creating a client for life, and with that goal comes a partnership founded on trust and transparency.

Vital to each of our client partnerships are regular in-person meetings, check-in calls, and emails to ensure we are up to date on any changes in their business, and can adjust their benefits strategy as needed.


At Bryson, we believe in absolute accountability, and in the event of a conflict, our team will not stop until a resolution is reached.


Whether it be an error in communication, data, or technology, our team will address each issue as our own. We ensure that any problem is settled in a timely manner and take measures to guarantee that there will be no further reoccurrence.

Intellectual Capital

Our CEO Trent often says,”People say to me, “What if you train them, and they leave?’ and I say to them ‘What if we don’t train them, and they stay?”

Investing in our staff’s education is an investment in both Bryson and our clients. Ensuring that our staff is ahead of the curve on industry trends and legislature guarantees that we create an effective strategy, maintain compliance, and find the most innovative and cost-effective plans available to our partners

Delivering Value

Bryson places a high priority on delivering added value in everything we do. We understand that our clients are
looking for more than just a vendor or service provider, they’re seeking a partner who can help to achieve their goals.

Through customized solutions, we are dedicated to adding
value at every turn, and have a proven track record of success and a deep commitment to