New Benefits Plan Attracts Employees

Bryson’s expertise was pivotal for Tide Rock Holdings as their due diligence uncovered outdated insurance plans burdening our firm and portfolio companies. Leveraging shared ownership, Bryson consolidated multiple firms into one large group, yielding a 20% reduction in insurance costs. They added crucial coverage, enhanced HR support, and delivered exceptional service, reducing costs while improving services across our portfolio.

Ryan Peddycord

President, Tide Rock Holdings

Managing Costs While Growing Rapidly

“Through our rapid growth over the last several years, Bryson has helped us manage costs, create effective strategies, and build lasting relationships with our employee base.”

John Oswald

CEO, Paul Frank Industries

A Trusting Business Relationship to Help Us Meet Our Goals

“As a competitive business owner, I know that in order to attract today’s best talent in the hospitality industry I need to be on the cutting edge of what I offer in health benefits. There is no question our company would not be experiencing the growth we are without great people who feel they are being taken care of. Bryson has helped us dramatically improve employee satisfaction.”

Ryan Choura

CEO, Choura

Managing Costs While Growing Rapidly

“The Bryson Financial team was instrumental in our ability to move forward on the strategically important JonRie acquisition by our platform Markey Machine. Their lower middle market rep & warranty product was key to our feeling confident in the acquisition, and Bryson was uniquely positioned to provide the requisite coverage on a cost-effective and time-efficient basis. Their team made everything easy and walked us through each step of the process with a ‘can do/will do’ client service attitude. Thanks, Bryson Financial team!”

Christian Schiller

Vice Chairman, Cascadia Capital LLC