Our Story

It’s a story that started in 1969 and continues to get stronger each and every day.

Bryson Financial, founded by Rick Bryson, opened its doors in 1969 and quickly established itself as one of the most respected life insurance firms. Joining his father’s company in 2001, Trent Bryson, now CEO, transformed the company into a full-service insurance brokerage providing employee benefits, wealth, and risk management solutions to individuals and businesses nationwide.

After seeing the inadequacies and blatant conflict of interest in the insurance industry, Trent created a performance-based strategy that made Bryson stand out amongst its competitors. Across the industry, a broker’s commission increases when their client’s premium increases. Thus, creating a conflict of interest. At Bryson, we align ourselves with our client’s goals and needs by basing our compensation on performance, rather than a percentage of premium, putting us on the same side of the table as our clients.  We act as a strategic partner to our clients and become an extension of their management team. Through our ability to analyze client objectives and provide strategic solutions we help our clients achieve their short- and long-term business goals. Our client’s success is our success!

Through innovation, intellectual capital, and strategic partnerships, Bryson has distinguished itself as one of the top privately held insurance firms. We understand that in our industry, acquisitions often lead to a decrease in focus on client services and an increase in focus on numbers aka sales. We at Bryson do not play into this model, but rather maintain the highest standards of service for our clients.

Why Bryson?

We are known for developing personal relationships and our responsiveness. Strategy drives our approach to reducing costs and business solutions.

At Bryson, we pride ourselves on forming true partnerships and understanding their overall business goals. We see ourselves as an extension of our client’s management team, providing guidance and personalized assistance. From solving a prescription plan issue on a Sunday to consultation with our executive team, we remain committed to being accessible and responsive.

We are known for our ability to analyze client objectives and provide strategic solutions that help clients save money and effectively manage risk.

We understand that in our industry, acquisitions often lead to a decrease in focus on client services and an increase in focus on numbers aka: sales. We at Bryson do not play into this model, but rather maintain the highest standards of service for our clients.

Bryson is unique in that after over 50 years in business we still remain a family-owned business offering hands-on boutique-style customer service to our partners.

The Bryson WOW

Personal Touch, Accountability, Resolution, and Intellectual Capital are the 4 Pillars of Our Commitment to Service Excellence.

The Bryson approach to servicing an account, exceeding customer expectations, and yielding a high-quality product and superior customer satisfaction is perfectly described by the 4 pillars of our WOW philosophy – Personal Touch, Accountability, Resolution, and Intellectual Capital.

Personal Touch

Your Bryson team is your go-to, an extension of your team, a team you can count on. Our goal is to create a client for a life, developing close relationships with our partners to individually assess their needs and design a customized strategy that best meets those needs.


We care. It’s something you will know and feel. Whether it be an error in communication, data, or technology, it is our team’s issue to address and we will not stop until it is resolved.


Our team is not happy with anything less than absolute resolution. We will ensure that any problem is settled within a timely manner, maintaining open communication with your team along the way, and taking measures to guarantee that it will not reoccur in the future.

Intellectual Capital

From the beginning, we invest in our staff. This begins day one with onboarding. There is a true “Bryson way,” which upholds our WOW.

Awards and Honors

Trent and Rick Bryson recently shared the title of Entrepreneur of the Year, awarded by the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, a reflection of the successful establishment Rick founded over 50 years ago. Unique as a family owned business with a boutique service approach, Bryson continues to grow and is not stopping anytime time soon.

Our Partners

Culture Works


A Team of Culture Operations Specialists

  • Culture, Talent, and HR Professionals with 100+ years of collective industry experience
  • Cross collaborators ensuring clients receive 1st string specialty expertise
  • Interpreters translating compliance requirements into meaningful and manageable processes that optimize operations
  • Value stewards driven by Innovation, Service, Learning, and Fun!


  • Assess, Support, and Develop Culture, Talent, and HR
  • Assess Culture, Talent, and HR
  • Provide progressive recommendations and hands-on services to build and support Culture, Talent, and HR
  • Perform Culture Operations, Leadership Training, Recruiting, Integrative HR, and M&A Due Diligence


Culture Operations Package

  • Identify Client Purpose & Lifecycle Stage
  • Perform Applicable Assessment:
  • Scope Culture Operations Package
  • Build and Implement Quarterly Game Plans

Recruiting & Other Services

  • Strategic Recruiting
  • Integrative Hire
  • 30 | 60 | 90 GamePLAN
  • Learning & Development
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Integrative HR | GameTIME
  • M&A Due Diligence


Contact us at: info@cultureworkshr.com or (760) 334-4094


Claims Management – Data Analysis – Safety Programs

RiskSolutions, Inc. provides the following services:

  • Nurse on Call
  • Claims Oversight
  • Risk Management

Nurse on Call is designed to give employers flexibility and cost savings:

  • Act as a plant nurse without the overhead
  • Located geographically close to respond to need for medical assistance within 15 minutes

Claims Oversight lowers reserves:

RiskSolutions, Inc. aggressively negotiates the reserves for the employer. Our Claims Oversight services shorten the length of claims and improve closure:

  • Full Claims Oversight Services
  • Proactive Claims Reviews
  • Unit Stat Claims Review and X-MOD
  • Medical Control

Risk Management puts the employer in the expert seat

RiskSolutions, Inc. provides professionals for all types of safety-related services:

  • Workers’ Compensation Background Checks
  • Substance Abuse Program
  • Full Ergonomic Services (to reduce repetitive strain trauma)
  • CalOSHA/FedOSHA Training and Updates
  • Safety Programs and Training
  • Claims Management
  • Industrial Clinic Program/Day One Medical Management
  • Workers’ Compensation Audits
  • ADA Compliant Job Descriptions


Contact us at: etaylor@risksolutions-inc.com or (951) 943-6775