Our Partners

Culture Works


A Team of Culture Operations Specialists

  • Culture, Talent, and HR Professionals with 100+ years of collective industry experience
  • Cross collaborators ensuring clients receive 1st string specialty expertise
  • Interpreters translating compliance requirements into meaningful and manageable processes that optimize operations
  • Value stewards driven by Innovation, Service, Learning, and Fun!


  • Assess, Support, and Develop Culture, Talent, and HR
  • Assess Culture, Talent, and HR
  • Provide progressive recommendations and hands-on services to build and support Culture, Talent, and HR
  • Perform Culture Operations, Leadership Training, Recruiting, Integrative HR, and M&A Due Diligence


Culture Operations Package

  • Identify Client Purpose & Lifecycle Stage
  • Perform Applicable Assessment:
  • Scope Culture Operations Package
  • Build and Implement Quarterly Game Plans

Recruiting & Other Services

  • Strategic Recruiting
  • Integrative Hire
  • 30 | 60 | 90 GamePLAN
  • Learning & Development
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Integrative HR | GameTIME
  • M&A Due Diligence


Contact us at: info@cultureworkshr.com or (760) 334-4094


Claims Management – Data Analysis – Safety Programs

RiskSolutions, Inc. provides the following services:

  • Nurse on Call
  • Claims Oversight
  • Risk Management

Nurse on Call is designed to give employers flexibility and cost savings:

  • Act as a plant nurse without the overhead
  • Located geographically close to respond to need for medical assistance within 15 minutes

Claims Oversight lowers reserves:

RiskSolutions, Inc. aggressively negotiates the reserves for the employer. Our Claims Oversight services shorten the length of claims and improve closure:

  • Full Claims Oversight Services
  • Proactive Claims Reviews
  • Unit Stat Claims Review and X-MOD
  • Medical Control

Risk Management puts the employer in the expert seat

RiskSolutions, Inc. provides professionals for all types of safety-related services:

  • Workers’ Compensation Background Checks
  • Substance Abuse Program
  • Full Ergonomic Services (to reduce repetitive strain trauma)
  • CalOSHA/FedOSHA Training and Updates
  • Safety Programs and Training
  • Claims Management
  • Industrial Clinic Program/Day One Medical Management
  • Workers’ Compensation Audits
  • ADA Compliant Job Descriptions


Contact us at: etaylor@risksolutions-inc.com or (951) 943-6775