Coverage Insight: Using Life Insurance to Fund a Buy-sell Agreement

A chief concern among businesses is how the death of an owner will affect the business, other owners and the heirs of the deceased. Surviving owners want to ensure the continuity of ownership, the protection of the business’s finances and that their family is financially secure and compensated fairly in the event something happens to them.

Benefits Insight: Key Person Insurance

When most business leaders think of purchasing key-person coverage, they turn to life insurance. However, industry leaders point out that the chance of losing a key person to disability is 17 times greater than losing a key person to death, and the costs of hiring a recruiter to replace the key person and training him or her for a short period could be much higher than finding a permanent replacement. To learn about coverage options, limits and other plan details, contact Bryson Financial today.

Coverage Insight: Key Person Disability Insurance

If an employee crucial to the function of your business becomes disabled, would day-to-day activity continue as usual or would disorder and uncertainty ensue? Would you be able to maintain the same level of business expectations and revenue stream?