Bryson’s 2023 Year in Review

We’re thrilled to present a snapshot of our achievements and milestones throughout 2023. As your strategic partner in insurance, we’ve remained committed to enhancing our services and delivering exceptional value to you and your clients, and we look forward to a successful 2024!

Claims Resolution Team: Managing Risk at its Core

Our claims resolution team has exemplified excellence in managing risk and safeguarding your interests through strategic resolutions. Here are three standout case studies showcasing the significant value they brought to our clients this year:

In six months, Bryson’s Risk Resolution Management Team collaborated with a home restoration company, delivering six-figure savings through reduced vehicle costs and total fleet expenditures. These early achievements foreshadow ongoing enhancements in claims management and negotiations, promising a more substantial impact on financial stability.

A premier event rental company faced high workers’ compensation rates due to past claims, leading to reliance on the State Fund. With their adept claims resolution team, Bryson facilitated a notable transformation, resulting in annual savings of $600k in the first year and a projected $1M in the second year.

Due Diligence Highlights

Throughout 2023, We Performed A Total of


Due Diligences

for Our Private Equity Partners

The Bryson Financial team was instrumental in our ability to move forward on the strategically important JonRie acquisition by our platform Markey Machine. Their lower middle market rep & warranty product was key to our feeling confident in the acquisition, and Bryson was uniquely positioned to provide the requisite coverage on a cost-effective and time-efficient basis. Their team made everything easy and walked us through each step of the process with a “can do/will do” client service attitude. Thanks, Bryon Financial team!”

Christian Schiller

Vice Chairman, Cascadia Capital LLC

Team Growth: Welcoming 24 New Members

We’re committed to finding the best possible talent to bolster our team’s expertise and capabilities. Among the 24 new members we’ve welcomed are:

Omar Bolden and Vicky Alcaraz joined us with over 20 years of experience each, specializing in the containment and management of property and casualty claims

Amy Conger holds a rich 22-year tenure, demonstrating exceptional expertise in group benefits, particularly excelling in the complexities of self-funded plans.

Mark Bauer brings over a decade of experience specializing in tailored business insurance solutions for contractors, manufacturers, retail, and habitational properties, enriching Bryson with a unique blend of insurance knowledge and financial expertise.

Omar Bolden

Vice President of Risk Resolution Management

Amy Conger

Employee Benefits Account Manager

Vicky Alcaraz

Vice President of Workers' Compensation

Mark Bauer

Partner of Property and Casualty

Life Insurance Sales: Protecting Futures

Life Insurance: Our legacy division had its best year yet, continuing to strengthen its impact on securing futures and financial stability.

In 2023, our Life Insurance division achieved remarkable success, facilitating policies resulting in a total of 200 million in death benefit sold. This achievement underscores our unwavering commitment to safeguarding futures and providing comprehensive coverage to secure your loved one’s financial well-being.

2023 Highlights

Secured over

$550 million

in new assets through the 401k division

Implemented a new student debt relief program and non-qualified deferred compensation within our clients’ retirement plans

Maximized economies of scale by establishing a master benefits program for an entire portfolio within a PE firm, resulting in savings of


Transitioned a client from a traditionally fully insured benefits plan to a risk-sharing group captive, generating initial savings of



Introduced two innovative reps and warranty insurance programs to the market:


Small Deal RWI Product: Tailored for deals under $25M, offering lower premiums, minimal underwriting requirements, and faster turnaround times

PE Fund RWI Program: Designed for firms conducting multiple deals annually, aiming to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and reduce legal spend while ensuring repeatability with a standardized policy form

At Bryson, our strategic approach emphasizes cost reduction and value, transforming benefits, insurance, and retirement plans into your competitive advantage. We are committed to advancing our services, anticipating your needs, and ensuring your peace of mind.

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership in leveraging these strategies for your success.