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We take pride in our special brand of client service. We call it the WOW Promise – combining personal touch, accountability, responsiveness, commitment, and cutting edge industry knowledge. We invite you to read our promise. It’s who we are.

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Our Clients Say it Best

New Benefits Plan Attracts Employees

Bryson’s expertise was pivotal for Tide Rock Holdings as their due diligence uncovered outdated insurance plans burdening our firm and portfolio companies. Leveraging shared ownership, Bryson consolidated multiple firms into one large group, yielding a 20% reduction in insurance costs. They added crucial coverage, enhanced HR support, and delivered exceptional service, reducing costs while improving services across our portfolio.

Ryan Peddycord

President, Tide Rock Holdings

Managing Costs While Growing Rapidly

“The Bryson Financial team was instrumental in our ability to move forward on the strategically important JonRie acquisition by our platform Markey Machine. Their lower middle market rep & warranty product was key to our feeling confident in the acquisition, and Bryson was uniquely positioned to provide the requisite coverage on a cost-effective and time-efficient basis. Their team made everything easy and walked us through each step of the process with a ‘can do/will do’ client service attitude. Thanks, Bryson Financial team!”

Christian Schiller

Vice Chairman, Cascadia Capital LLC

A Trusting Business Relationship to Help Us Meet Our Goals

“It was their willingness to deal with our specific needs that developed a trusting business relationship, and Bryson has become an important partner in helping us reach our company goals.”

Ryan Choura

CEO, Choura

Would You Like a Proposal?

Founded in 1969, We Credit Our Longevity to a Simple Principle

50 years and stronger than ever! We are extremely proud of our legacy. Not many businesses can claim such a lasting history. Sure times have changed. However, there is one simple principle that has served us well as we march into our 6th decade – treat the client’s business as if it were our own.

Business owners and management teams appreciate the Bryson approach because we understand the challenges in running a business in today’s complex world. With our strategic approach and a focus on cost reduction, we turn benefits and insurance into a competitive advantage.

Call Bryson. We’re Here to Help.

How We Help Businesses Manage and Reduce the Costs of Insurance and Employee Benefits


Instead of compensation that is only based on a percentage of the premium, we have designed a compensation model directly tied to our ability to lower your insurance.


Too many businesses have a locked-in relationship with a broker and they “set it and forget it.” Business owners often pay too little attention to the cost savings that can be achieved with a strategic focus on risk management. For Bryson, competition is at the heart of our cost reduction strategies.


At Bryson, we take a proactive lifecycle approach. We work with buinsess owners, HR professionals, and members of the management team to introduce and help them adopt best-in-class strategies that contribute to lower insurance premiums and employee benefits costs over time.


Our deep dive process will confirm whether you are on the right track, or you are significantly overpaying or have dangerous risk exposure. It is a free service to uncover an area that is usually left unchecked.

We Reduce Costs for Private Equity

The fact is most insurance firms shy away from discussions about price because reducing insurance and benefits costs is difficult and counterintuitive for most insurance brokers, especially the big guys. Instead, when you want to talk about costs, they’ll only talk about “adding value” and the size of their firm.

In our work, we know private equity firms and portfolio company management teams maintain a strong focus on cash flow, profitability, and increasing enterprise value. So any discussion about changes in employee benefits and insurance has to be driven by cost effectiveness.

Our expectation is that any insurance firm you are working with must understand the private equity industry, must provide the best in service, and must bring creative strategies to due diligence and risk management.

Bryson provides strategic private equity industry experience and knowledge. We offer a truly consultative approach to insurance solutions and a due diligence process that looks at risk strategy both short and long term to avoid unnecessary surprises.

We assist with pre-transaction due diligence, transaction risk, portfolio cost reduction, and partner retirement planning.

Our focus is the same as your focus. Our private equity clients view us a trusted partner – and partners don’t let partners pay too much for insurance coverage.


Currently serving over 50 portfolio companies

Bryson removes conflicts of interest by aligning compensation
with our PE partnerships

Case Studies

Medical Insurance Mismanagement

A large retail operation was experiencing higher than average turnover which led to higher training and out of control medical costs. Bryson delivered a solution.

Crushing Workers’ Comp Claims Impact Portfolio Company

A $40 million industrial services business was literally hemorrhaging dollars due to out of control workers’ comp claims. They turned to Bryson for a strategy.

Reducing Private Equity Partner Taxes While Accelerating Savings

A seven person private equity firm with four partners and three employees saw revenues and the subsequent tax bill growing. Bryson helped them reduce taxes.